GDPR & ECM – An opportunity companies can’t afford to miss

August 30th saw Turnpikes host their first GDPR event. Skofabriken in Södermalm, Stockholm was the venue for a successful day of client and partner discussion and Turnpikes presentation on the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The focus was on how companies could use existing applications to ensure their unstructured data was compliant with GDPR and how, with tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Turnpikes can help clients analyse and visualise their content to allow a company to focus on the high volume, high risk data while easily identifying where personal data is stored.

The day started with a presentation from Phil Poulten on the general requirements that come with GDPR, the history of data protection within the EU and the schedule for GDPR. The attendees were made aware of the possible substantial fines that accompany data breaches but also the opportunities that improved data privacy and protection can bring and how following the 7 Guiding Principles of GDPR can lead to compliant ECM systems and improved information management.

The morning session then moved on to a round table discussion with participants sharing their experiences with GDPR and the current level of readiness that they see within their own companies and within companies they work with. Subjects such as the rights of employees under GDPR, as well as storage limitation, accuracy, data minimisation and accountability were all debated and it became clear that most companies attending fell within the bracket that 48% of other companies surveyed in April 2017 did…. being ’On the Right Track’.


Key takeaways:

  • Turnpikes GDPR event
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • GDPR x ECM
  • 7 Guiding Principles of GDPRS
  • Stream Serve
  • Foundations required for GDPR compliance 
  • Security by design 
  • 7 Guiding principles of GDPR

After an enjoyable lunch, the afternoon kicked off with data visualization and analysis. The ability of a company to readily identify unstructured data containing personal information will be paramount in meeting the GDPR for Subject Access Requests within the 30-day time limit. Ilja Ziegler was able to demonstrate the Turnpikes Reporting and Analytics solution for OpenText Content Server and how it would allow companies to quickly and easily identify high risk data types within their ECM system and target their GDPR strategy to ensure compliance for these areas. The presentation also showed how Reporting and Analytics can be used across ECM and other systems such as StreamServe to increase efficiency in processing and improve system adoption and effective use.

The day finished with a presentation on the foundations required for GDPR compliance. A simplified roadmap was described including essential steps to compliance such as Process Mapping and Modelling, Technical and Organisational Analysis, and Implementation and Integration of the processes, policies and system to support compliance. The session touched on the requirements for Data Protection Officers before moving into detail regarding Security by Design including a live demonstration on how Records Management can be used to meet Storage Limitation requirements and Security by Default recommendations.

The day was a great success with clients highlighting the 7 Guiding Principles of GDPR and the Turnpikes expertise in Reporting and Analytics as key ‘take-aways’ from the event and we look forward to the next opportunity to share our knowledge with our clients and partners.

If you are interested in knowing more about GDPR, Information Management or Reporting and Analytics, or if you would like to attend the next event/workshop, then don’t hesitate to contact Turnpikes here.


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