Why? How? Customer cases.

On March 15 2016, Tim Stijven was invited as a guest speaker at Open Text Innovation day at Stockholm. A well attended event with over 200 participants was organized in 3 parts of the Digital journey:

1. Why? 2.How? 3. Customer cases.

Turnpikes was invited to share its expert view within the How section. The focus of Tim´s session was on how Digital projects can be scoped and planned. The audience´s attention was captured from the start through a short entertaining analogy of a family man contacting a professional painter to re-paint his house. Wanting to know what it will cost and how long it will take. But the painter has never seen the house. Contact us for the full story.

The session transitioned smoothly from that painter story to the relevancy in Digital EIM projects. How to find a smart balance between structured plan and agile? In other words, what to anticipate and what to be flexible about? Those lessons then moved further in second area which as a concrete example of how a Global Digitalisation project in a large Swedish manufacturing company with over 20.000 employees was approached: via Proof-of-Concept, over Production Pilot to Global roll-out.

In the final part, Tim elaborated on 2 key focus points, so vital for a successful project, but equally perceived to be complex in large organisations: a solid Solution Design and the Project organization. Again illustrated via a concrete real-life Turnpikes success story at a large financial institution, the secrets to Solution Design nicely married to User Stories were revealed. Those two executed by teams structured in Core and Extended teams concluded the point.


Key takeaways:

  • OpenText innovation day
  • Tim-s session
  • Digital projects
  • Painter story
  •  Solution design & Project organisation
  •  Phil Poulten session 
  • GDPR

One of the key takeaways that one should also choose “Best people over Best Practices” resonated well with the audience. Not surprisingly a motto we live by at Turnpikes.

The day started with a presentation from Phil Poulten on the general requirements that come with GDPR, the history of data protection within the EU and the schedule for GDPR. The attendees were made aware of the possible substantial fines that accompany data breaches but also the opportunities that improved data privacy and protection can bring and how following the 7 Guiding Principles of GDPR can lead to compliant ECM systems and improved information management.

The morning session then moved on to a round table discussion with participants sharing their experiences with GDPR and the current level of readiness that they see within their own companies and within companies they work with. Subjects such as the rights of employees under GDPR, as well as storage limitation, accuracy, data minimisation and accountability were all debated and it became clear that most companies attending fell within the bracket that 48% of other companies surveyed in April 2017 did…. being ’On the Right Track’.


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