2019.06.21 – Blog post

OpenText Innovation Day 2016

During an OpenText event back on March 15th 2016, our own CEO and co-founder Tim Stijven was invited as a guest speaker at OpenText Innovation Day in Stockholm. It was a very well attended event with over 200 participants and it was organized into 3 parts. The Digital Journey: 1. Why? 2. How? 3. Customer Cases. 

Tim Stijven, as representative from Turnpikes, was invited to share his expert view within the “2. How?” part of the event. Tim focused on how digital projects can be scoped and planned efficiently. The attention of the audience was captured from the beginning through a short analogy explaining how a painter contracted to paint a house without seeing it first, is left without the ability to say specifically how much time it will take or how much it will cost. He is left in the dark of the scope of the project and cannot plan or do any estimations.  

This then gave an opening into the real issue and focus of the point Tim was making. In a Digital EIM project, how do you then find the balance between a structured plan and agility. In other words, what to anticipate and what to be flexible about? From here a more concrete example was given of how a Global Digitalization project in a large Swedish manufacturing company with over 20.000 employees was approached. This approach entailed steps from Proof-of-Concept to Production Pilot to Global roll-out. 

In the final part, Tim elaborated on two key focus points. The key points are vital for a successful project, but they are also perceived to be complex in larger organizations. Therefore, a solid Solution Design and Project Organization is necessary. This was supported by an illustrative and concrete real-life Turnpikes success story. It was based on a large financial institution, where the secrets to Solution Design nicely married to User Stories were revealed. Those two executed by teams structured in Core and Extended teams concluded the point. 

One of the key takeaways, which also resonated well with the audience, was the Best People over Best Practices. This is, not surprisingly, a motto we live by at Turnpikes. Our people create success, which is why this phrase resonates strongly with us. 

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