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Author: Tim Stijven

May 2019.   Turnpikes agreed to UCN, University College Nord-Jylland, to testify on the success of engaging interns from UCN.  Turnpikes has made it a part of their innovation strategy to engage interns.  We support education and it gives students, UCN and Turnpikes great benefits.   The interns are fully engaged to contribute with their up-to-date knowledge and software technology skills to Turnpikes innovation projects.  On request of UCN, Turnpikes agreed to be filmed and the result is now ready.   In the meanwhile, the latest intern got maximum score on his internship project , and ended being hired by Turnpikes as per July 1st 2019.  A true win-win-win for all parties.    Turnpikes CEO also confirmed to UCN to do another guest lecture to the software development class in autumn 2019, repeating the successful session from 2018,  with a few relevant updates from the real business world.



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