2021.09.18 – News

Insights & Analytics Dashboards for VIM are now available on OpenText Marketplace

We are pleased to announce that Insights & Analytics Dashboards (I&A) for OpenText VIM (Vendor Invoice Management) are now available on OpenText’s marketplace. This will help SAP VIM customers Enable Smart Decision Making. 

Turnpikes’ I&A for VIM are OpenText certified and provides intuitive reporting solution to those who want to understand and optimize the performance of SAP VIM process. The solution is a software-as-a-service (Saas) and it identifies, collects and refreshes the relevant data and provides interactive dashboards on KPIs of Invoice Management, incl performance of OCR (ICC). 

Understanding and monitoring the performance of Invoice Management processes has never been easier thanks to data-driven insights provided by the I&A Dashboards.  

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