xECM- accelerated business process at DNVGL

Information connected across 2 Oracle clouds, 7 apps and Office 365 with OpenText xECM

Author: Ilja Ziegler, Peer Lohmann

Connecting content to key business processes across lead business applications has dramatically increased
efficiency and improved insight for different users across the Enterprise at DNVGL. In its NGPS (Next Generation Productions System) DNVGL implemented a new CRM and production system based on Oracle Cloud products.

This program addressed everyday business problems:

  1. A winning business process needs to allow Sales to secure new orders
  2. An executing business process needs to allow the delivery teams to deliver in
    time & quality
  3. A seamless handover from sales to delivery teams needs to be enabled

DNVGL partnered with InfoSys to deliver the needed CRM and ERP functionality for the NGPS program. Turnpikes joined this program to provide the needed information management within the each business process and especially to secure the seamless handover of information between processes. The product of choice for the information management was OpenText xECM. Within the agreed time lines NGPS was rolled out to thousands of users around the globe.

Fig 1: xECM widget seamlessly embedded in leading application, here Oracle Sales Cloud

“xECM provides our knowledge workers access to the right information throughout each step of the business process.” 

Roger Engelstad, Senior IT Engineer at DNVGL.

“Turnpikes was exceptionally fast to understand our business needs.”

Rita Skeie, head of CRM at DNVGL.

“If the users process an email on MS Outlook 365,
prepare a proposal in Oracle Sales cloud or issue a
certificate in Oracle Service cloud, they all share and access the information via the central OpenText xECM repository.”

 Roger Engelstad, Senior IT Engineer at DNVGL.

“This allowed them to find practical approaches to different challenges and deliver the OpenText xECM in time & quality despite a challenging timeline.”

Rita Skeie, head of CRM at DNVGL.

NGPS is now live in the Americas, Asia Pacific and EMEA used by thousands of end users. Daily hosting more than 3.9mio document workspaces with more than 18mio documents & emails.

As part of the initial setup, more than 3.9 mio OpenText xECM workspaces and more than 18 mio documents were migrated from the legacy system with Turnpikes own Accelerated xECM Migration tool.


  • Provides content management from within all Cloud leading applications
  • Simplified integrations
  • Optimal security options and support for Confidential document handling
  • UI optimisations via integrated Widget
  • Little need for user training (1 Powerpoint!)
  • Excellent Search capabilities (Google-like Fulltext search)
  • Automated PDF renditions
  • Digital Signatures


The world leading provider of risk management and quality assurance services to the maritime, oil and gas, and power and renewables industries. DNVGL work with over 100,000 customers, in more than 100 countries, building the invisible infrastructure of trust. Furthermore, DNVGL are global leaders in certifying management systems of companies across all types of industries, including
healthcare, food and beverage, automotive and aerospace.

About Turnpikes

Turnpikes is an IT company providing solutions and services which improve work life and performance of knowledge workers. Via Enterprise Content
Management, Invoice management and innovative self-service Dashboards Turnpikes enables smart decision making.

Turnpikes is OpenText Technology partner and a leading provider of OpenText
implementation services, with staff across the Nordics and Eastern Europe.


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