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Our expertise expands across 17 industries which gives us great insights into different business processes. Additionally, we have global reach with experience in over 80 countries. This also applies to our international nature, giving us an advantage when it comes to having a cultural understanding of different countries. This is important to us, since there are many different customs and ways of doing business depending on where you are. We like to make sure that we are able accustom everyone no matter where in the world. 

Turnpikes was founded back in 2015 by our CEO, Tim Stijven and soon after joined Siddharth Bisoi, the creator of our successful SaaS add-on product Insights & Analytics Dashboards for OpenText VIM. The goal was to create a greater connection and understanding between customers and their software, as well as helping them solve the challenges that knowledge workers encounter. By putting us in the place of the customer, we have been able to create add-on products for OpenText VIM and xECM that help our customers with their challenges and, ultimately, enable smart and data-driven decision making.  

Turnpikes Name Origin

Get to know the story behind the name “Turnpikes”.

Meet our Team

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The Turnpikes Approach

Our expertise expands across 17 industries and with experience in over 80 countries, we have a global reach. You can read more about our approach to our collaborations with customers. 

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We are experts and our focus is highly concentrated on specific areas. This allows us to be deeply specialized in what we do. Inherently, this provides our customers with the best possible service and experience.
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Partnership Approach​

Partnership approach

We listen and work with our customers, while reserving the right to challenge them. This means that we can at times see possibilities that are less obvious. Our expertise provides the insight that in the end will provide an organization with the best possible solution based on its specific needs.
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Short Time-to-Value​

Short time-to-value​

Value-for-money pricing taken seriously.
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Direct customers, system integrators and software vendors can happily confirm the great value we deliver. We can bring you in contact with them.
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Our passion and drive are to enable smart decision making. The best way to do that is letting the data speak for itself. This helps make better informed decisions and solve your challenges.
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We are flexible and have no bureaucracy. We believe in not overcomplicating processes. This means that from the customer contacting us and to the projects beginning, the distance, so to speak, is very short. We pride ourselves in acting fast and our flat hierarchy internally allows for quick process time.


One of the reasons why we can offer such great services and products is due to our many partners. Find out more about who we collaborate with and how it benefits you. 

Our 8 Virtues

What we call virtues is what others normally refer to as values. However, we believe that virtues are something you strive to have and work towards every day, while values are something you already have. We prefer to call it virtues, because it can seem overly confident to claim all your values to be what you already possessTherefore, we want to be transparent. You can always be more honest, apply more equality, be more committed, humble, aware of people, be more innovative, have more integrity, and be more confident. This is what we work towards every day. 

We want to ensure that we, internally and externally, are honest. It is important for us to assure our customers and partners that honesty is of high value here at Turnpikes. This ensures a good relationship between both parties. Honesty and trust are often keywords in order to accomplish great success in relation to work collaborations. Both collaborations with partners and customers. We hope for the same in return.  

We strive to be honest towards each other as coworkers, but in a constructive and proper manner. Good work relations between coworkers ensure a good work environment. This is of high value to us, because a safe and secure work environment facilitates high productivity and overall well-being among our employees.  

Equality among our team. It has been a goal from the beginning to maintain a flat hierarchy within our company structure. It is important to have direct contact with the ones making the final decisions. Our flat hierarchy ensures that we can ensure quick results with no middleman slowing down the process. 

We believe in working as equals when it comes to our customers and partners. Respect from both sides is highly valued and creates great work relations. This is what it is all about.  

We are committed to supplying our customers with the best possible service and customer experience. Being able to provide our customers with the best possible experience starts with honest and clear communication. We value and respect our customers’ opinions and are committed to listening to their specific needs. However, our commitment makes us challenge you to achieve the best possible results in the end. 

We believe it is important to be humble. This allows us to always be open to gaining more knowledge and greater insight into our field. We know we are experts, but in a field that requires constant education to keep up with updates and new features. This benefits our customers, because we are able to then bring the best possible solution to their specific needs. Educating ourselves is of immense importance and we like to seek knowledge and information within our field. 

We believe in our people. We provide freedom under responsibility, meaning we trust in each other. This is also why we seek to choose the best of the best, so that our customers are always in safe hands with people we believe are the best for the exact task they are assigned to. 

Innovative thoughts and ideas are highly encouraged. We are always ready to develop new and innovative solutions that can provide our customers with tools that enable smart decision making. We want to help optimize and automize digital processes. We strive to see the problems from the customers side and with our knowledge of opportunity, we are able to create the exact solution to solve your issues.  

We claim to be experts and specialists in our fields and we are confident enough to be able to make this claim. The reason we can make such a statement is from continuously being successful in our services and products. Being able to provide our customers with what they need, when they need it with a substantial understanding of the software as well as the business models depending on the industry.  

It is important for us to show consistency in staying true to our values and promises. We strive to stay consistent with all the above and to provide the best possible experience for our customers.  

Our Credentials

We are proud of our accomplishments. Our credentials are the proof of the value we provide our customers. Read more about our credentials and the importance they carry. 

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We are an international company with global reach. Turnpikes expands across 8 countries. We have always strived to have the best experts as key parts of Turnpikes and we will not let any borders stop us in the search for the right experts. All with the goal of providing the best services possible.

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