Supporting businesses to automate and become smarter

For businesses still reliant on manual efforts to process and input information, Turnpikes can provide you with the tools to automate your processes. 


As one of the leading Invoice Management and Process Solutions on the market, our SAP/OpenText VIM can help your business benefit beyond finance. Combined with Turnpikes Insights & Analytics, businesses can benefit from process automation and business insight, consistent from one provider.

Making greater business efficiency possible

By removing time-consuming human effort, the solution provides you with process excellence for document-centric SAP processes. Think of the impact automated processing of sales orders, quotations, delivery notes, order confirmations and remittance advice could have on a businesses efficiency and effectiveness.


Take as an example the sales orders process. The data capture from your sales orders moves your business away from manual data entry, speeding up the process. And is a crucial step towards your digital transformation. The automated process prevents customer orders from being lost or not processed on time. The data capture from your sales orders takes minutes today, potentially seconds in future. Thus, helping to retain customer support and business.

Focussed insights deliver enhanced performance.

VIM Beyond Finance can help to improve your day-to-day operations. And can provide you with faster insights into your system. These inside sights help to visualize data and lead to actionable outcomes for your business. Drawing from across your digital universe, it offers out of the box KPI dashboards for continuous improvement—all at a mouse click.

An automated vision of your business capabilities

With innovative machine learning, the AI components of the solution empower automation. Every time it works, it builds its knowledge base of your business activities. It uses conversational AI and pre-configured workflows to eliminate manual work and correct missing or mismatched information when processing data inside SAP. Its purpose of providing automotive solutions to your business processes is to offer a low maintenance, highly logical approach that improves naturally. 


VIM handles complex cases accurately. They also identify actions and steps that do not offer value for your business. Thus, helping to optimize your processes, reducing costly waste, and removing the errors and the hours associated with human effort.

Why Turnpikes ?

Our expertise expands across 17 industries.

With experience in over 80 countries, we have a global reach.

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We are specialists. Our focus is concentrated, allowing us to be deeply specialised in what we do.

Partnership approach​

Partnership approach

We think with you, while reserving the right to challenge you. We want to give your organisation the best posible solution based on your specific needs.

Short time-to-value​

Short time-to-value​

Value-for-money pricing taken seriously.

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