Enterprise Content Management

ECM can increase revenue, efficiency, quality and throughput, while minimizing operating costs and risks. A strong ECM strategy can be the touchstone of the enterprise growth strategy.

About ECM

Helps people and organizations being more productive by securing they have access to the right information at the right time, integrated into the business process. Our focus is to provide content in context of business data and processes. In our and our customer’s experience ECM
solutions brings added value to the organization by optimizing the business
We do not see ECM as a stand-alone repository. ECM can optimize many business process, a few popular ones being:

· Sales CRM Process

· HR Process – Employee Digital record

· Contract management

· Investment management

· Quality review

· Engineering document management


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Before/After ECM

Migration into ECM

Migration means more than just moving documents from an old to a new repository. The value of xECM is to have the content available to the business in the right context, meaning the right leading application. Important to have business continuity and be able to decommission old DMS systems is that all content is migrated into the right business structure. In xECM that means you need not only to focus on the documents (content) but also the workspaces where the documents belong (business context). The approach and tool that we offer provides exactly that functionality by design. If workspaces exist, the documents will be migrated into the right workspaces. But in case the workspace does not exist, which is a common scenario when business applications are already in use, then the migration tool will create the workspace in xECM. The last scenario that is tailored for documents/content for which no new workspace can or should be created. In such scenario, dummy workspace(s) will be created as an archive, allowing search and retrieval and compliance with legal requirements.


Don’t worry! We are experts in migration as well and have created our own tool for the process to make it easier and more effective. 

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Why Turnpikes ?

Our expertise expands across 17 industries.

With experience in over 80 countries, we have a global reach.

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We are specialists. Our focus is concentrated, allowing us to be deeply specialised in what we do.

Partnership approach​

Partnership approach

We think with you, while reserving the right to challenge you. We want to give your organisation the best posible solution based on your specific needs.

Short time-to-value​

Short time-to-value​

Value-for-money pricing taken seriously.

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Turnpikes Solution: VIM Process Analyzer



Our passsion and drive is to enable smarter decision making. The best way is letting the data speak for itself to inform decisions and solve your pain-points.



Flexible commercial models. No bureaucracy.

We offer

Advisory, Implementation Consulting services, Application Support and Managed Services

OpenText Extended ECM

  • xECM for SAP, S/4HANA
  • xECM for SAP C4C
  • xECM for Successfactors
  • xECM for Contract Management
  • xECM for SalesForce
  • xECM for Engineering
  • xECM for Oracle
  • xECM Platform (quick and easy custom integrations to any leading application of choice)

OpenText Content suite

  • Content Server
  • Archive server / Archive Center
  • Blazon
  • Brava!


  • Regulated document management
  • Records Management & Compliance SAP Archiving
  • Imaging for SAP (Scanning, OCR)
  • Sap Archiving
  • Document Access for SAP

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