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Insights & Analytics (VIM)

We read information faster and we gain better understanding through visuals. Turnpikes Insight & Analytics dashboards combines both, to track and monitor the KPI-s of your VIM process, to provide you with better data-driven insights, out-of-the-box. Understanding the performance of your Accounts Payable Invoice management or broader Procure-to-Pay process has never been easier.  Unlike classic reporting tools, which are static and time-consuming to produce and maintain, our as-a-service solution provides insights without any involvement of IT or change to your existing ERP system. Our Dashboards sources all relevant SAP and VIM data into clear diagrams, which enable you smarter decision making.


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Relevant to who?

CFO/Finance manager

Benefits to the CFO include increased profits through:

  • Capability to maximise and monitor the potential of early payment discounts
  • Avoiding late payment fees
  • Reduction of expensive waste entering the process

Shared Services Manager

  • Better control on their SLAs with the business
  • Productivity  measurement
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Business growth
  • No time required for data collection

P2P Process Owner

Procure-to-Pay and Accounts Payable Process owners are given:

  • Best-in-market monitoring for their process
  • Better capabilities to share insights with other stakeholders
  • Increased speed in decision making


Buyers and Purchasing department benefit from:

  • Better control on their SLAs with the business
  • Productivity  measurement
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • No time required for data collection


Shared Service Center managers and BPOs are offered :

  • Better control on their SLAs with the business
  • Productivity measurement
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Business growth

We offer

Insights dashboards As-a-service subscription model

Vendor Invoice Management

  • Killer ROI
  • Advisory
  • Automatised SAP Data extraction
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud
  • Microsoft MS SQL Server (Database)
  • Microsoft Power Bi

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