Jeanette Frost

Digital concept & marketing

Jeanette at home

I live in Aalborg with my two dogs. I am kind of a dog and animal nerd. I am a founding board member and volunteer in a dog rescue organization where I also do dog training and puppy school. On top of that I do agility with my own dogs.  When I am not with the dogs, I enjoy being social with friends and family and bake and cook and I’m always up for bar quiz and a G&T! 

Jeanette at work

I am responsible for marketing and concept development at Turnpikes. I am creative and my passion is to provide the best customer experience throughout marketing and our services. I also do various design tasks and all kind of visuals a long with concept developing. I hold a master’s degree in interactive digital media, and I have previous experience as a concept developer and marketing manager from both a start-up, a medium-sized business (800+ employees) and freelance.


Phone: +45 24 27 72 98




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