Per Burdack


Per at home

Danish and Living in Aalborg. Have a son in high school. Living together apart with my girlfriend. Enjoy nature both as biking and walking but also hunting in the season. Living in a house from 1924 there’s always thing to do on it. Food nerd in many different levels. Training at the Gym and good series/movies also take my time.

Per at work

With a technical background I have during my lengthy (30 years) sales career focused on advising, training and finding the best solution for the customer. From solution selling I have also moved on and practiced challenger sale, where through deep knowledge of the customer´s needs, one can inspire and lead the way. I have always been focusing on Customer journey and have experience in both CRM (Salesforce, Microsoft) and ERP (Navision, C5). With both national and international experience I am ready to meet new customers and start new sales journeys.


Phone: +45 30 15 21 91




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