Fie Aude

Marketing & Communications


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Fie at home

To start off telling something about myself, I have the clichés. Meaning I love spending time with my family, friends and my boyfriend, who I live with in Aalborg, Denmark. I love cooking and being active by going to the gym, running or taking long walks. Some more uncommon things about me is that I have two bunnies who are free roam. I have almost a 100 plants. And at last, my party trick, I am able to touch my nose with my tongue.

Fie at work

I am responsible for marketing and communications at Turnpikes. I like being creative and doing various design tasks, as well as diving into the data and more technical aspects of marketing, as SEO.  

I hold a Masters in Culture, Communication and Globalization and have received a specialization in Consumption and Market Communication and as well in Latin American Studies. I have interned as a marketing trainee at a company within the same field as Turnpikes and have gained experience within the marketing field during that period. I continued there as a student worker, as well as working part-time in a smaller company. 



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