Hjalte Thomsen



Phone: +45 20 16 97 98

Mail: hjalte.thomsen@turnpikes.dk

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Hjalte at home

Danish and living in Denmark, after many years of living and working abroad (Australia, Singapore, Switzerland). In my free time I really enjoy playing guitar in a band.  I am married, have 2 kids and I have a dog with whom I enjoy spending my free time. 

Hjalte at work

My work experience is really colourful as I lived and worked in Bali, Germany, Australia, Singapore and Switzerland.  Professionally there is nothing I enjoy more than ABAP programming, and can safely say that I master that discipline.  On top, I have in-depth competences in SAP VIM and other Invoice management solutions for SAP, business process design, product development/configuration and training.  I hold extensive experience in regional and international projects, and I am principal Consultant for SAP, based out of Aarhus. 



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