Choosing the right partnership is critical to the delivery of solutions for our clients. To make sure our clients receive the service and support they need, we work alongside leading software providers and specialists who share our vision of improving the working situation of knowledge workers. As different partnerships serve different purposes, here is an overview of our partners, what they bring and how our collaboration can facilitate excellent technical service for our clients.

Resell Partners

Our resell partners understand how Turnpikes’ value-adding software solutions can enhance business processes once integrated into a business model. The role of our resell partners is to market and sell Turnpikes products and solutions. In addition, they proactively search for potential clients and bring further brand recognition and exposure via marketing and sales lead generation. While at Turnpikes, we assist through pre-sales, sales and marketing support for our resellers, ensuring they have the correct information to actualize a sale.


Software Partners

Our software partners are at the foundation of our solutions and services. These enterprise software providers are market-leading in their domains. Moreover, as an approved reseller for certain software partners, Turnpikes can support customers through software sales, implementation and provide stellar support services for your new solution.


Services Partners

Alongside our services partners, we seek to work together to win and deliver services. In concert with our team of specialists at Turnpikes, our service partners allow us to increase our delivery capacity, ensure a broader range of expert consultants from across the world, and ensure that no job is out of our geographic scope.


Please read further on what each of our partners can help you with in collaboration with Turnpikes. 


 If you want to hear more or would be interested to partner with Turnpikes, we look forward to hearing from you.