Partners are key to our mission to improve work life of knowledge workers.  We deliver best on that commitment in collaboration with others, but not just anyone.  We select our partners carefully and work with leading software providers and specialists sharing our vision.  As there are different partnerships, serving different purpose, we provide you with an overview of the partnership types and list of our partners. 

Resell Partners

Turnpikes Resell partners believe in our value adding software solutions and integrate them in their business model.   Resell partners market and sell Turnpikes products and solutions.  They proactively develop pipeline through marketing efforts, and sales lead generation, while we at Turnpikes pro-actively assist our Resellers through pre-sales, sales and marketing support.


Software Partners

Our software partners are at the foundation of our solutions and services.   These enterprise software providers are market-leading in their domain, and Turnpikes specializes in their solutions to market, sell and implement their solutions.   For certain software partners, Turnpikes is approved Reseller, allowing us to be the one-stop-shop for customers, from software sales over implementation to after go-live support services. 


Services Partners

With our services partners we collaborate on winning and delivering services.   A Services partner has specialists complementary to our own team of experts.  The value of our partnership with Services providers are increased delivery capacity, larger pool of expert consultants and better geographic coverage.    


Please read further on what each of our partners can help you with in collaboration with Turnpikes. 


 If you want to hear more or would be interested to partner with Turnpikes, we look forward to hearing from you.