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We specialize in software that can aid organizations in their mission and make life easier for knowledge workers. These add-on products can provide your business with increased control of the digital information vital to your business processes. Data visualization enables your potential by increasing efficiency and understanding. This can help you reach important business decisions faster and make the right moves for your company. 

When integrating the add-ons into a new system we want to ensure our customers are well taken care of. This means we ensure personal care to assist the process and expert consultancy all the way through. We support your businesses during your adaptation period and ensure things are completed safely and are compliant with governing regulations. Our team can take care of all the specifics of the move with the necessary tools and excellent personal service to provide a seamless experience for the end-user.  

Our highly experienced consultants can show you how the products work, the benefits you will experience and they will help provide a logical introduction to your technical and business environment. Which, in turn, should ensure a happy customer experience and, consequently, improved business performance. 

opentext partner technology registered 2020

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I&A icon

OpenText VIM
Insights & Analytics

The I&A Dashboards is designed for OpenText VIM and provides great data visualization. No more long Excel sheets, get the full overview with I&A dashboards. 

process analyzer icon

OpenText VIM
Process Analyzer

This Process Analyzer is designed for SAP VIM by OpenText is an add-on that analyzes accumulated data and delivers it to where it is needed. 

Migration Tool icon

OpenText xECM
Migration Tool

The Migration Tool is designed for xECM by OpenText and it provides a smooth and efficient transition process of your data into xECM, no matter the volume.   

power bi connector icon

OpenText xECM
Power BI Connector

This Connector is designed to embed Microsoft Power Bi into your OpenText xECM system, which ensures the right tool right at your hands. 

How are we qualified to call ourselves experts?

Our people create our success. We pride ourselves on being specialists. Find out more about the people behind Turnpikes.

Our Expert Services

Our mission is to ensure your understanding of your software systems and to help adjust the systems to your needs. We do this by helping you with your digital processes. We are here to aid you in creating processes that run more efficiently and smoothly, meaning you save time and money by simplifying your business processes.

opentext partner technology registered 2020

We specialize in the technology of software vendors who offer solutions that ensure your internal processes run smoothly. This then enables smarter decision making and ultimately, saves you time and money.  


Our partnerships focus on software vendors who have highly recognized software solutions for the enterprise segment market. These include OpenText, Microsoft and SAP.


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In order to ensure the best possible result for our customers, we plan out a structured project chart in collaboration with our customers. This makes sure that nothing is left to chance.

Everything must be approved by our customers. It provides an overview of the whole project process, which ultimately leaves you always informed and included. 


See our 5-step Deployment Method guide here.  

We work closely with our customers to ensure the best possible experience for both teams. This is why we can proudly present the feedback and customer cases.

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